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Have you ever dreamed of owning and operating your own retail or service business?


Regardless of how many people have stopped you from accomplishing this dream, it IS possible and you CAN do it!

Many of us have a passion: for adventure, for painting, for dance, for helping the needy, for fashion, for communication, for saving the planet from early extinction...and on and on. Along with that passion often comes the dream of financial self-sufficiency by way of owning one's own business. This site via its books, workshops and mentoring program can provide you with the tools to fulfill your passion and make that dream come to fruition. We believe that every person has the ability and capability to learn and apply what it takes to not only start your own small business, but with the right attitude and motivation, to maintain and be successful at it. Our books and workshops are not about textbook-only knowledge; they are based on over 30 years of on-the-job experience and the wisdom gained in different types of businesses, large, medium and small in size, and in different countries. The goal is to help you SUCCEED - regardless of where you live, how much education you have had, or how technologically adept you may be.


We believe that the term RETAIL does not just mean selling products; RETAIL includes service and non-profit businesses as well - the basic principles are exactly the same. And, as we make our way through the 21st century, we have the benefit of the latest technological tools to help us build, grow and advance our personal wishes. The trick is in learning how to use these tools along with good old-fashioned "people skills" to develop your small business.


Each of the following links can show you the way forward.



The Bare Necessities guides you through the most necessary aspects of setting up your company. Some of the topics included are:


Types of business, location, layout, type of management, startup money & funding, budget, pricing, payment, time management, business hours, human resources, hiring and dismissing staff, and shortage control.


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Develop-Grow-Succeed! guides you through the sensory visual and marketing aspects, such as:


Visual merchandising, Color, Fixtures,Illumination, Signage, Vendors,Networking, Mobile

Technology, Advertising and Marketing,Selling Techniques, Client Value, Diversification, and E-business.


And not found elsewhere, there is a special section on Setting up in a Foreign Country.


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We believe in hands-on training so we offer two workshops a year, one in Spring and the other in the Fall. The best part is you can combine your selected workshop with a restful vacation on the Greek island of Naxos on the Aegean. These are very special workshops with a maximum of 8 participants. These are unlike any other workshops you might have attended so join us if you can!


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The world of business - any kind of business - is constantly changing. Our guidance does not stop at the books or workshops.


To keep your small company up and running, or to give you helpful advice as you grow, we have developed our Mentorship program. So whether you are just about to start your small business, or are several years into it, we are here to guide you through the next steps.


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"Wealth is commonplace; wisdom is rare."

Dan Brown

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