S.M.A.RT Biz

Does the dream of OWNING your own small business seem far-fetched, or something that maybe you plan to do "someday"? Well, regardless of your age, geographical location, educational background, and in spite of all those people who have told you “You'll never make it,” we believe it IS possible. We also believe wholeheartedly in hands-on training; thus we have prepared these workshops in which you can participate...with an added PLUS.


Along with the book “S.M.A.R.T. Biz – An Innovative Guide to a Successful Small Retail Business" - Volumes 1 and 2, you now have the opportunity to participate in a learning workshop AND be on vacation at the same time! Our Workshops are held on the island of Naxos, in the Cycladic islands of Greece: by the water, in a peaceful, still genuine environment with warm, welcoming people, and an ideal place to meditate and relax yet motivate you forward. These surroundings are conducive to focusing on your work goal yet allow you to enjoy nature at its best.


Because there is such a breadth of information to cover and we want to provide the most individualized attention as possible, there is maximum number of 8 participants per Workshop. In this unique Workshop our intent is to share over 30 years of international working experience with you as we guide you toward building, developing and growing your own small business. We would like to help enlighten, motivate and guide you toward achieving your dream of financial independence.This is a learning experience you will never forget!