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Naxos island in the Cyclades islands, Greece


Our Workshops are offered twice a year. Meanwhile to whet your appetite and give you some information about this location, please continue reading.



As a global destination, the Cycladic islands of Greece are rated at the top of any list. Crystal clear waters along with great food and the warmest hospitality make it hard to resist the charm of these islands. Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Naxos are the best known; of the total of 39 islands, only 24 are inhabited so there is much to discover. Naxos, the largest island in this group, is 5 hours by ferry from the port of Athens, named Piraeus; and although it may seem like a long trip, the ride is relaxing and scenic as you bypass several islands along the route...as well as dolphins and a variety of sea birds.


These islands along with the rest of the country are steeped in history, a history that has given mankind its civilization as we know it: Homer, Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras and many more philosophers, thinkers, mathematicians, and writers along with the Greek language are the bases for the Western way of life and language. It is a truly awesome experience to walk amongst the marble stones that have been preserved through the centuries such as the Portara in Naxos or the Acropolis in Athens, and realize that they are the same ones on which these historical greats walked. Can 5000 years possibly have passed? Each city, town or village has remnants of this past that have been preserved for each generation to appreciate so for lovers of history, archaeology, the arts and humanities there is much to absorb.


But there's more to do: all types of water sports are possible as well as trekking or just walking along the many beaches, attending cultural performances, visiting museums, and of course, simply lounging at one of the many sidewalk caf├ęs and tavernas. Greek cuisine is world famous and on these islands one can sample dishes unique to the island...every one has its own particular dishes not found elsewhere. Naxos is one of the few islands that is very self-sufficient: its fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats are locally grown so food tastes even better. Of course seafood is abundant and cooked in a variety of ways, and if you are a bread lover, one of the town's bakeries still bakes daily bread in the same oven that's over 100 years old! There are 64 villages on Naxos so hiking or renting a scooter are popular ways to get around; the terrain is varied and quite mountainous in some areas. There is much to discover on this island as well as the rest of the Cyclades. There are local and commercial boats that can take you island-hopping...you never know what you will find!


The most popular way to arrive is by flying into Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) and either taking the ferry boat from Piraeus, or by catching a domestic flight into Naxos airport - at this time, Olympic Airlines offers the most frequent service. Click here to see schedules. If you choose to take the ferry, click on one of the following links to see boat schedules:





There are volumes of information regarding Greece and the Greek islands and you could spend months reading, but to help shorten your research time, here are some good informative sites to visit:


Take a look at this slide show to see what Naxos island is about:


This island is an idyllic vacation spot and these workshops are conducted during the months before and after the height of the tourist season when rates are higher and the population increases tremendously. The cost of living in is quite reasonable unlike other more lavish, touristic destinations. These workshops are conducted when the weather is still very agreeable and pleasant. If you want to see what the weather will be, you can find both long and short-range forecasts so you can plan accordingly. by visiting:


For NAXOS: http://www.yr.no/place/Greece/South_Aegean/Naxos/long.html


We know that the location of this workshop is in a culturally different environment but we believe this just enhances your learning experience. By being exposed to other ways of selling, marketing, merchandising, and servicing your clients you will be able to add to your own personal growth and the development of your business. Remember that you are dealing in a global marketplace today and your customer base comes from different financial backgrounds and cultures so the more you are aware of them, the better for your business.